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There is a small car park off Huntingdon road with space for about 40 cars



    >  5 football pitches

   >  4 mini soccer pitches

   >  pavilion with 4 changing rooms              

   >  kitchen & refreshment area/meeting  room                                                              

   >  basketball court

   >  CCTV installed  


              Facilities for children


   >  a large fenced area enclosing a children's play area (age 2-8)

   >  a zip line

   >  an adventure playground for older  children

   >  an exercise trail

Priory Park is situated off Huntingdon Road and Priory Hill, St Neots.


Originally laid out in the 18th Century as part of the Rowley Estate, it is 32 hectares (80 acres) of extensive mature woodland and large open spaces.


The park is home to many beautiful trees (oak, chestnut, plane and lime) and a variety of wildlife species.


         Spinney Park Playground

Priory Park Friends Group Help


I've joined up with PPFG

I thought i'd just be there for tea

But no some woodchip needed spreading

Up the path where folks is treading.


The green flag's what were trying to get

Because we've just not got it yet

And it's our job to help Hunts out

Or all their work goes up the spout.


I grabbed that barrow really quick

Its light when empty, isn't it Nick

A fork or shovel, which to use

Chip falls through forks and thats bad news.


With shovel heaved you get some in

The barrow that is, wheres my gin

Now the march for miles up path

When I get home i'm in the bath.


Oh the sweat just pours away

I'm told this job lasts half a day

I wheel the blessed chip to site

Then spread it round with all my might.


My muscles are all aching now

And so's the frown upon my brow

A headache isn't far away

I think I've had enough today


Oh no Ron, you can't go home yet

There's holes to dig and trees to set

There's twigs to cut and paths to clear

You might just get home by next year


By ladder up a tree I go

To bang a nail in nice and slow

We''ll hang a box here just for Tits

If I fall down i'll be in bits.


I'm fed up with the up and down

Am I a monkey or a clown

This ladder should be motorised

Or something will be compromised.


Ian toye works on and on

And Nick as well, oh no he's gone

Francisca Shaw, so very busy

Time for home, i'm feeling dizzy.


Ive now gone home to eat my tea

And put my feet up generally

The rubbish in the park will wait

We'll do that on a different date


And so to sleep perchance to dream

but woke up with a sudden scream

Giant birds and Giant trees

And Giant Nick with knobbly knees.