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This picture clearly shows how under pressure the park is on all sides. One or two of the trees on this map have since ceased to exist, with various causes to blame, desease and dryness among them, however re-generation is now well under way

The band of trees alongside Huntingdon Road is composed of mainly Horse Chestnut and many of these are suffering leaf loss due to insect attack, and lots of the trees along here are dying. This is of obvious concern to us and we are hoping that at some point with the agreement of Huntingdon District Council to plant some good size trees here to help replace those already dead. This year we have planted whips which are small bushes on the priory park side of the Huntingdon Road.

We have been given a large amount of woodchip by Huntingdon District Council to lay through the middle of the wood as a path inside the trees that border Longsands playing field and the housing estate off Longsands road named after birds, we have been laying this, but have been held up by bad weather and other factors, however it is still ongoing.

We would like to thank  Huntingdon District Council at this point and all those concerned who made it possible.

Priory Park aerial A2 brighter-1 Priory Park not aerial-1