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                                 Jubilee Seat.

We have been fortunate to be able to buy and have this bench installed by Huntingdonshire District Council near the childrens playground at the southern end of the park.

The money for this seat was raised through the Waitrose Community Matters Scheme.

Thank you both, HDC and Waitrose

The people above are, from the left; Francisca Shaw, (sitting), Paul Davies(standing) Linda Bettany,(middle) from Waitrose, Gill Jackson(standing), and Eve Dallas(sitting).

                                                        Plus of course Canine support

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Below is the new Coronation bench with inset detail that we have had erected in the park at the junction of Priory hill and huntingdon road.

Chipping team

          Chipping Team 2013

Just recently PPFG members have re-started woodchipping the paths down through the trees on the eastern side, two of our members are shown above, Ian on tne left and Mike on the right.

There was a very large heap originally and by the end of the morning on Wednesday 21 august it had all been laid.