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                                                       ASH DIEBACK DISEASE.


This disease has been with us for about three years now, brought in on imported trees, it has already  struck in the east , south- east and Wales.

Mostly the mature trees that contracted it have been destroyed as were thousands of saplings that were imported.

Current thinking is to leave the trees to get on with it as the disease is now beyond eradicating,  the idea is to not touchi them in the hope that some trees will show resistance, once studied it may be possible to identify the factors that make the resistant trees unique and produce further resistant trees for future planting.

The main sign of an infected tree is black leaves that do not drop in Autumn, for some reason the tree retains them. Please report any that you spot as we all need to know where this disease is manifesting itself.

I am informed that we have no trees identified as having this disease in Priory Park as yet, that is good news.

At this moment in time(2017) we are  unaware of any major outbreak here.