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This should more correctly be called a ramble and started at Rowley road, walking down the tree covered eastern side of the park.

I took with me a pair of secateurs, a bowsaw, camera, and wife, (Pat Jones). The woodchip paths we started out on had more or less decayed to a gunge with the occasional bits of bark or chip in it, nevertheless it was very wet.

One of the big ash trees had split half way up its trunk and dropped tons of branches into the park.

There was no sign of the bluebells yet though on the walk down to the mid-way point (Heron court path) we saw lots of groupings of snowdrops both large and small types plus lots of squirrels, two Wrens, Robins, members of the Tit family and blackbirds who seem to be around in large numbers now despite having seen none over the last eight or so months.

The owl box in this upper half is now occupied by a family of Squirrels, that is to say 2 youngsters and mummy.

There was quite a lot of rubbish dropped throughout the walk and some of the bigger stuff we collected.

The bluebells we planted last year along the heron court path are showing their leaves, they seem to be in front of the others.

Someone is dumping large quantities of leaves in the wood at the mid way point which we found as we started down the second half, twenty or so yards down our way was blocked by a fallen tree, this I set about with the trusty saw and cleared only to to presented with yet another one few more yards down, this one we also cleared, the path going down was an absolute quagmire interspersed with water filled holes and slippery side banks.

Anyway five tree clearings from the path later we arrived at a rather large specimen of tree that had dropped across our path that was nigh on impossible to remove without a chain saw and so decided to leave it as a hurdle for the runners, perhaps HDC will clear it.

Trimmed some brambles back near the little bridge.

All of the watercourses near the childrens playground are full of leaves and twigs, I suppose it is the storms we have been having.

Carrying on along the southern border towards Huntingdon road we looked for our planted crocuses, however we couldn't find a single one, ground here was hard and compressed.

Walking north along the Huntingdon road side of the park we looked at the daffodils that the council had planted and were quite impressed as there were hundreds and hundreds of blooms about to break open.

The small trees and whips along here seemed to have vanished and  although there were lots of canes and guards the only thing growing in them were goose grass and other weeds.

the small Jubilee Oak that was planted near the junction of Huntingdon road and Priory hill looked very healthy as did the twelve crocuses located there that were about to flower.

The walk up the northern border, (Priory hill) revealed that the whips planted here which were hawthorn had some very nasty spikes on them now, I don't think anyone will be taking those soon.

Jubilee copse remains unmown and the walk around the houses takes in some pretty soggy ground underfoot, the Owl box positioned here remains empty.

Back to the car taking note of the row of daffodils about to bloom planted along the fence on Rowley road, think its home for dinner now, we are both pretty hungry.


Ron Jones


Tuesday the 18th february 2014